Calling RPC functions over SMB

Hi everybody! This is going to be a fairly high level discussion on the sequence of calls and packets required to make MSRPC calls over the SMB protocol. I've learned this from a combination of reading the book Implementing CIFS, watching other tools do their stuff with Wireshark, and plain ol' guessing/checking.

What does Windows tell its guests?

Hello everybody! Lately I've been putting a lot of work into Nmap scripts that'll probe Windows deeply for information. I'm testing this with both authenticated and unauthenticated users, mostly to determine how well error conditions are handled. Every once in awhile, however, I notice something that the anonymous account or guest account can access that […]

What time IS it?

How synced up are the clocks on your servers? Ignoring your system times may give an important clue to attackers. Read on to find out more!