Two locks, one bike?

Hi all,

I had the weirdest thing happen to me today, and I couldn't resist sharing it. If you're looking for security tips or tricks, move along. If you want a funny story (that sort of involves security), stick around!

So, I needed some odds and ends today. Since it's right down the street, I rode my bike down to Zellers (a Canadian chain owned by the Hudson Bay Company). I left my good bikelock at my dad's place, so I brought my crappy lock, and therefore my crappy bike (I left the good bike at home).

I do my shopping, leave the store, and go to unlock my bike. But wait, there's a problem. Can you see what's wrong here? Hint: my bike is the black one on the left.

Of course you can't, because I suck at photography (the little camera on my Android phone doesn't help, either). But I'll give you a hint: my U-lock was at my dad's place. "But there's a U-lock ON the bike!" you're thinking. There sure is! Apparently, somebody put their lock on my bike. Who? Didn't know. Why? I wished I knew.

My gut reaction, of course, was to take a picture. Document the evidence. This could, after all, make a good story! After that, I called my dad to see if he could bring down his Sawzall to cut the other lock off my bike, but he was busy. I toyed with the idea of either:
a) picking the lock (my picks are always in my backpack); or
b) filling the lock with Krazy glue (which I also had in my backpack)

Neither option seemed like it'd help much (I don't know how to pick that type of lock, and I didn't want to destroy somebody else's lock).

Anyways, I eventually went back into the store and got a security guard to come out with me. He was equally puzzled, until we noticed...

That's right! The bike next to mine was entirely unlocked! Not to mention it's a way nicer bike than mine. Clearly, somebody had accidentally locked my bike instead of theirs! Won't they find it funny when they come out and I tell them what happened. We'll share a good laugh together! Ha ha!

So, the security guard went inside and made an announcement. I patiently sat in the sun with my groceries, waiting for the owner to show up red faced to admid their mistake. No dice.

After about 20 minutes of sitting there, a lady finally walks out. She walks up to the unlocked bike, and I approach. Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to turn on my Android phone's voice recorder, but our conversation went something like this:

Me: Is this blue bike yours?
Her: Yes.
Me: Well, it looks like you locked the wrong bike. Ha ha?
Her: No I didn't.

Hang on a sec. "No I didn't?" -- is she seriously going to deny this?

Me: Is that your lock?
Her: [no answer]
Me: It's on my bike.
Her: I didn't lock THAT bike, it already HAS a lock!
Me: I know. That's MY lock.

At this point, she's getting really irritable. At the very most, I thought she'd be embarrassed. Or even angry. But to completely deny it when the evidence is right in front of her face? Seriously?

Me: Can you just unlock my bike?
Her: You're going to have to wait while I find the key. *starts rummaging through her backpack*
Me: That's fine, I've already waited here long enough.

With that, she gets her key out, unlocks my bike, and takes off. While she's doing it, of course, I'm snapping pictures:

And without another word, she rides off into the sunset.....

The whole time we were talking, all I could think of was that I couldn't wait to tell everybody about this. :)

9 thoughts on “Two locks, one bike?

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    Hi Ron,

    I think you just meet a good poker player Ron. She knew when to completely deny and take care of the situation with an attitude. I was crazy laughing while reading your story. (The girl has a good sense of humor, I'm sure when she gets home she would be laughing with her mistake)

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      Ron Post author

      Haha, I doubt she was a poker player, I think she was just seriously in denial.

      I totally should have picked the lock, but I don't know how to pick a bike lock -- I need to learn that :)

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    great story, epic title.

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    I agree, awesome story, but I'm shocked you didn't just pick the lock...

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    Martin Hall

    Now that's a new take on

    Denial of Service.

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    Actually, I think there were certain models of u-locks that could be picked with a plastic ball point pen cap.

    I could never do it, not sure if I had a different model, or simply didn't have the knack.

    She finally admits her mistake, sort of, when she says she has to find her keys first. Weird. And then to be in the store, and hear the announcement, but to not come out. Finally, I notice she does the typical mistake of looking only the wheel. I can't tell exactly from the photo, but it looks like the lock is *above* the seat stay, not below it.

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    She sounds like a real bitch to me. Never did apologize for all your inconvenience and she is typical of the majority of people; i.e., never take responsibility for your own mistakes.

    Glad I wasn't there!

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    you should have made an equal "mistake"and taken her bike. told the security guard, oh wait, "My mistake, THIS is obviously MY bike !"

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    I would have denied it too, and ridden off leaving the lock behind. I win.

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