Update on my life, conferences, career, etc

Hey all!

It's been awhile since I've written on my blog, and I apologize. I'm at a job now where I actually spend my day working instead of pondering, so it's hard to find time! :)

So, what's new with me?

I'm working on some cool new Nmap stuff right now, so I'm hoping to write about that in the next couple months. Web application fingerprinting isn't something I've seen done much, but I'm hoping Nmap can make some good progress on it with the help of Yokoso, Nikto, and some other resources.

About a month ago, I started working for Tenable Network Security. My job is primarily research and reverse engineering, so I've been posting little tidbits to my Twitter account. My official title is "vulnerability research engineer", which is really cool, and they're paying me to speak at a couple conferences, which is exciting. I used to have to take vacation to go to conferences!

I've also worked on a number of cool plugins at Tenable, including remote checks for ms10-070 and ms10-075. I may start writing more about my Tenable experiences here!

B-sides Ottawa

I'm going to be speaking at B-sides Ottawa on November 13. If any of you are in the area, please come by! I'll be discussing the Nmap Scripting Engine, and showing everybody how easy it is to write their own scripts. This will be my first time to Ottawa, and I have 3-4 days after the conference to hang out, so I'd love to get a tour of the city from somebody local!

Deepsec (Vienna)

Two weeks later, I'm heading to Vienna, Austria, to speak at Deepsec! The talk is on November 26 and will be about password breaches/attacks, and it will be my first time in Europe. I can't wait!

Besides security, I just moved back home after 9 weeks of staying with a friend. My place was being repaired, and the repairs took significantly longer than planned, so I got screwed on the deal. But, I have a new floor, carpet, baseboards, and it didn't cost me anything! It looks great, and I'm excited to finish the move.

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    Good to hear from you Ron. We are excited also on new topics in your blog.

    Also share some tips and some discussions from your conference.. More Power and Enjoy the travel

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    You might want to checkout BlindElephant and WhatWeb. Both of which are fairly new (or newly popular) web application finger printing tools.

    Blind Elephant was mentioned on the ISC diary a while back:

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      Ron Bowes Post author

      Cool! It's similar, but not identical to what I'm doing. I can definitely get some ideas from it, though, thanks!

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    Hey Ron! Glad to see you back posting and giving speeches! Hope to see you at shmoo - hopefully you'll give an nse conference there, too!!

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      Ron Bowes Post author

      I really hope to come, if their registration system would work! :)

      Maybe I'll submit a talk.. it's easier that way, I don't have to fight with registration. It's at a bad time this year, though, I'm going to be teaching a course at the time.

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