What’s going on with SkullSpace (our hackerspace)?

Hey everybody, This is just a super quick post today to direct you here - http://www.skullspace.ca/blog/2012/11/skullspace-2-0-the-new-frontier/. That's a post I wrote about SkullSpace - the hackerspace that me and several others helped found a couple years ago. We went down a "too good to be true" road, where we had a ton of space and […]

Information Security For College Students

I've thought about this off and on over the last few years.  Today I noticed that Kees Leune (http://www.leune.org/blog/kees/2010/07/teaching-agai.html) is going to be teaching a class this school year.  He was asking for comments and so here's mine.... I'd like to see a threefold class system.  The first class would entail an overview of the […]

Comments should work again!

So, I realized that the reCAPTCHA plugin for WordPress sucks was marking a lot of comments as spam, when it was actually working and not getting timeout errors (thanks to my egress filtering). I decided to toss it out and go with a math-based CAPTCHA for posts, so you should once again be able to […]

Site changes

Hey all, Just a quick note -- I updated my blog template a bit. On the right, I added some new links and I added some info about myself at the top. I also added "previous" and "next" links above the posts. Hopefully these changes make it easier to get around. Let me know if […]